Prismatic Emotions: Journey From Ink To Heart By Hritik & Ritika

What is unique about this book?

Prismatic Emotions: Journey from Heart to Ink by the authors, Hritik Vats and Ritika, is something new. The very title of the book has been chosen after a lot of pondering and research. The difficulty was that the book captures all the basic nine emotions—love, joy, surprise, fear, sadness, anger, disgust, shame, and pride —in the form of poetries, prose, quotes, and short stories. The common thing in all the forms and emotions was the heart and reiteration of the colour red, no matter if as affection, care and love or as the epitome of anger, revenge, and rage. Thus, the heart became the prism through which the red light passes and gets segregated into various emotions.

The book was decided to be a poetry book, initially but their much encouraging friends, writers, and readers desired to see the stories written by them in collaboration to be published. So the authors came up with the idea of section two in the book, i.e. “Short Stories” which by the completion of the book became the heartbeat of the book. Further, inspired by various friends, section three, “Quotes”, was added as a small token of thanks to them. At last section four is, “About the Artists”.

Thus, the book is made for almost all types of readers and is diverse in its themes, form, and genre. It’s written with the intention to make you read your own story.

Go and explore it out yourself!


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